Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hi! I'm still alive

I cant believe I havent updated in a MONTH! I'm so busy between school and work and my makeup has been neutral city lately. Heres a look I did the other day

Im wearing UD Naked on my lid with MAC Motorhead in the crease. On my lips is I Like it Like That with Revlon Pink Ice on top.
In other news, Alyssia started 5th grade last week :o OMG I remember being 10 and Alyssia was just born & now she's in 5th grade.

And I bought this acrylic container from Amazon

I only bought one but I LOVE how neat and nice everything is. I need to buy more and guess what, it was only $10.40! You can't beat that. I also bought some animal print stuff for my car since I've been obsessed with it lately.

& heres my simple makeup for the day. Nude eyes with winged liner and MAC Russian Red on my lips

& in other news, I've been faithfully going to gym and eating better for the last 5 weeks *does happy dance* I've even been waking up at 5am to work out before I go to class. I'm on a mission to tone up by bday which is in two more weeks. I'll be 21 in exactly 15 days
So I'm gona try & keep up with my blog ok??
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  1. she is too precious, and you too gorgeous.
    love your straight hair and bangs SO MUCH.
    you look so dang gooooddd girl.<3

  2. you're gorgeous as always! Miss you heaps and i'm glad you're still blogging :) Don't worry I dont' blog as frequent as I used to :p

  3. You look gorgeous!! and I want the steering wheel cover soooooooooo bad!!! Send me one! Lol!

  4. Russian red looks amazinggg on you

  5. Russian Red looks great on you! Been following you on twitter so I knew you were still around, but it's nice to see you post too.

  6. I gave you a Blog Award on my page!! Glad to see new post!! We all get busy and disappear for a bit!! LOL

  7. hey girl, it's been a long while since I have been on your blog. Your looking good. I love the last make-up look and the fringe suits you. Great look.